Online Bible Study

The Bible study you’re looking for.

Every Saturday at 3:00, we dive into a variety of topics, with one unifying characteristic: the Bible is the authority. We want to know what God’s Word says about the subjects we tackle. We’re generally geared more toward teenagers and young adults, but everyone is absolutely welcome.

If this interests you, join us! It’s easy to join and participate.

We meet in person at our Main Location (554 W. Walnut Lawn St., Springfield, MO), but you can also join us online, using Zoom.

What is Zoom?

It’s a company that provides internet-based video and/or audio conference calls. Each participant can turn their video or audio on/off, type responses, and many other handy features. It’s free to join, and you don’t have to sign up. There is a free app available, which simplifies the process, but isn’t necessary.

How do I join?

Each week’s meeting has its own link, which you’ll get from us. For us to send you the link, we’ll need your email address or text-able phone number. Therefore, we need you to contact us using the info below (please include your name). Then we’ll send you the link. From there, just tap the link when you’re ready to join. Boom. You’re done.

Text (preferred): (417) 630-1870

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